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I have been in a natural hair cocoon for seven years. I started this blog to chronicle the life and times of my sisterlocks. And from time to time any other random thing that suites my fancy or draws my ever so curious mind. You are welcomed to drop me a comment anytime and feel free to link to this blog. ***Please do not copy my photos without my expressed permission***

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I had to blog about my DreamGirls movie experience. Like most, I have heard the music all of my life however, I was not old enough to truly enjoy the fullness of the Broadway musical 25 years ago. This movie experience was really, fresh for me. Two words… Jennifer Hudson! This is the issue people; I went to see the movie TWICE in one day. You read right, twice. Both times I got my tickets in advanced, good thing, the lines were out of control for both showings.

When Jennifer Hudson sang, “And I am telling you”…my glasses were foggy, during both showings. No words, just tears.... She puts her “foot” in that song. The raw emotion is palpable.

So, why the second showing? I needed to see Jennifer’s performance again. I called, my sister to tell her I was going again, and her response was, “Of course you are.” My family knows, when I love something, I love it. My best friend reminds me on our undergrad days often, it would be time for bed and I would put in my Boyz -2-Men CD. I only played, “End of the road,” before I went to bed. (Every night …”we belong together and you know that I am right, how could you play with my heart, how could you play with my mind?”) Then, I would be lulled to sleep…hmmmm.

So this Christmas, in anticipation of another big crush, my three year old godson (he always picks out the best gifts for his Auntie), gave me the DreamGirls double CD. I have been playing this CD all today, looping all of Jennifer Hudson songs. She better get an Oscar, period.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

I found Funmi!

This week I was feeling like a hot mess in the hair department. My hair just was not acting right. Do not misunderstand me. I love my sisterlocks. But my girls were acting a bit unruly. The back of my hair grows much faster than the sides. What does this translate too you ask? A mullet. (not the look I am going for) I don't take myself too seriously but, on the second day of this, my confidence started to falter. (sign)

On Tuesday I went into one of my favorite stores, to boost my spirits and do a little shopping. Have you ever gone into a place that just feels like home? This is the way the store that I visited feels. The proprietor, a young sistah has the warmest spirit and the biggest heart. It feels like you have walked into your Aunties, all she needs is a slice of sweet potato pie and I would take up residence. I digress, in Home. Body. Spirit, guess who I ran into? Funmi! It was so pleasant. As I was smelling some yummy handmade soaps, I look up a see a woman with sisterlocks. Being the lock stalker that I am, I walk over to this young lady and strike up a conversation. Little do I realize, it is Funmi, our Funmi! (it is so funny when you meet someone you only know online, I said hey I know you...but, I don't know you:)

If you have ever read her blog, you know that she is starting a products company. Well friends, I am here to tell you, the products are off the hook! Her sumptuous vanilla hand creme', is fabulous. It was so smooth and creamy. (Funmi, I am not playing I really want some!)

We discussed our hair, she told me her hairstory, and I shared mine. Unknown to Funmi, I was feeling yuck for two days with my mullet and all , she helped to boost my spirit with her kind words. She loved my hair and of course I loved hers. That was that...thanks Funmi. ( I will be looking for your products, girl do not make me get on I95 to get some! (lol)

Monday, December 11, 2006

A Par-tay!

I am finishing graduate School as some of you know soon and very soon. Yay! Well one of my classmate's SO had a little get together for her over the weekend. For the party I wore my new brown suede shoes (an early christmas present) and I pinned the top of my sisterlocks up. I kinda like this look. Anywho, the party was just too fun. There was good food, good drink and good music. Her SO rented a small room at a Hotel in downtown D.C., (the setting was very intimate, with a few close friends and family) so there was not enough room for me to dance like I really wanted too. I am ready to throw down (two years of papers, analysis and talking about feelings, group dynamics, consulting and race relations has got me ready...all I need is to hear a beat, a shame but true) None-the-less, it was a great time!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

My Soap Box

I know this blog is about my sisterlocks and my progress thereof however, after going to a benefit this past weekend...I felt I needed to post about this:

I went to a benefit for a Pediatric HIV/AIDS home in D.C., the Wright House. This house is a sanitary for children who are infected/affected by this raging epidemic. The children are picked up after school; they are feed, receive counseling, art therapy, tutoring and love among a range of other services. This home represents so much for the children it serves. All of the children are African-American and they range from just 5 years of age to 18. The director explained that though they serve a large volume of children, they could clone themselves 10X and not serve the need in the DC. There are many children who are on the waiting list to get into the Wright House, these are children who are just looking for a place to be at peace, where they can be what they were intended to be...a child.

For years I did clinical laboratory screening/research for Pediatric/Adults HIV and I am still greatly disappointed in the sheer volume of people who continue to be affected/infected by this disease. I am deeply angred by rates of infection as it relates to the Black community. For a disease that is 100% preventable... it is overwhelming to look at the statistics for the District and I am sure many other cities around the country. After this benefit I sat in the car for a very long time...I really can not comprehend how in the Nations Capitol, in one of the greatest Nations on earth this disease continues to rage with virtual impunity:

* The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now estimate that more than one million Americans are living with HIV. Up to one-third of them do not know they are HIV-positive.
* It's estimated that one in every 20 adults in the District of Columbia is infected with HIV.
* D.C. has the highest rate of new AIDS cases per 100,000 population in the United States -- a rate that is 10 times the national average.
* In D.C., the greatest increase in AIDS cases is occurring among people of color, women, injection drug users and through heterosexual contact.
* In D.C., 82 percent of all AIDS cases are among African-Americans.
* More than 15,000 people in the Washington metropolitan area live with AIDS. Tens of thousands more people are estimated to be infected with HIV.
* Nationwide, someone under the age of 25 is infected with HIV every 30 minutes.

As I saw these numbers I concluded that there needs to be a paradigm shift in the Black community. We need to wake up and realize there is a generation that is being decimated right before our eyes. We can not afford to be asleep at the wheel..the consequences are too real.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My First Retightening!

I had my first retightening on 11.30.06! O-kay ya'll did not prepare me for the pain (lol). I am not tender-headed however, this retightening hurt:) My consultant said that my hair was locking well and that I should get used to "feeling" of having my hair retightened. (Being that I scheduled appointments from now until December 2007, I guess I will have to get use to the "feeling.") (For those of you who may be new to not dismay I tend to be dramatic:)

As ya'll have read I have been getting a few inquiries about what I have in my hair from sistahs who have SL's? Dang, after these encounters I was a tad bit nervous about this appointment, I was afraid I inadvertently messed up my hair. My consultant allayed all of my fears! I got a good report card. (I felt like I was in kindergarten...I was so excited when she told me I was doing a great job with my sisterlocks) Yay!!

There was a sista however who was getting her locks reinstalled! Yes reinstalled! Something about vigorous washing?? What?? I would have lost my natural mind if I had to have "my girls" reinstalled...

I stepped out of the house with my new tighten locks, thinking I was cute, unprepared for the sudden change in weather. We literally went from 70 degree days to 39 degree days in a matter of nanoseconds (lol) The wind whipped right though my scalp....BRRRR! After running to my car and cranking the heat...I got myself together. Can I just say I love my sisterlocks!

The Nutcracker

I saw the Washington Ballet’s production of the Nutcracker this past weekend. It was fabulous. George Washington was the Nutcracker and the stage was set with symbolic cherry blossoms! (see picture) The Washington ballet performed the principle movements and they incorporated area dances troupes into the performance. (There were well over thirty small children in this show) Picture the cutest little kids running around in some of the most elaborate costumes ever. Cute little bumble bees and flowers all waiting for their moment to shine. There were two classically trained African-American children (they were both awesome!)

Secondary to the Washington Ballet there were multiple dance troupes that showcased their talent. I was a bit disappointed at the lack of classical ballet performed by the minority dance troupe. When the troups were on stage they all seemed to have a non- minority principal classically trained dancer center stage and then the minority dancers were the “backup.” As this happened several times it was quite an obvious situation. There may be many reasons for this apparent disparity nonetheless, in the future I would like to see more African-American principal dancers center stage.

All-in-all it was a very diverse performance. The performance is normally held at the Kennedy Center or the like however; this year it was held in southeast D.C. at THEARC Theater. The significance being that southeast D.C. is a predomately African-American area of the district that for years has been historical underdeveloped and neglected. I was so excited to see THEARC hosting this event!

While at the show I ran into a woman with auburn colored sisterlocks. Me being a lock stalker and all…I went over to this woman and started a conversation about her hair. She was very sweet. She has had her locks for six years and she recently cut them. The slightly troubling aspect of this story is she did not realize that I had sisterlocks. (how is this possible(lol) When I told her that I had sisterlocks she seemed very surprised. The same thing happened when I ran up to a woman in Restoration hardware. She loved my hair but she did not realize they were sisterlocks. What is the deal? Maybe these sisters were locked so long ago that they do not remember the curly stage? Dunno? Anyway if you are in D.C. please check out the Nutcracker, you will not be disappointed!