Sisterlocks-Look I am a beautiful butterfly

I have been in a natural hair cocoon for seven years. I started this blog to chronicle the life and times of my sisterlocks. And from time to time any other random thing that suites my fancy or draws my ever so curious mind. You are welcomed to drop me a comment anytime and feel free to link to this blog. ***Please do not copy my photos without my expressed permission***

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween.

I decided to wash my 1-week old sisterlocks on Sunday. I did everything I was told to do. No extra (that was very hard for me, but I digress) I braided and banded. I used the sisterlocks shampoo. I used light water pressure as to not disturb the hair. It is like having 400 plus newborns on my head the way this hair is coddled. Anyhoo, then I did it. I pulled out my spike rollers, all shucks! I just knew I was going to be cuuute! Ladies you all will have to help me with this one. Maybe my sections of hair were too small? Maybe the spike rollers are too small? But, I woke up the next morning looking like I had a small jeri curl. Now, for the record I did rock a Jeri curl in 3rd-7th grade so no offense, however this was not the look I was going for. How did I resolve this quandary, you ask? You do not even want to know...I came home and sprayed my hair with a light mist of water. Why you ask? I have no earthly idea. All I know is this morning when I awoke I looked like a young Weezy Jefferson, again not the look I was going for. I have not given up on the spike rollers however, I think I will be freestyling my hair for a few weeks. The picture shows my hair after I washed out Weezy!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Ladies and gentlemen...children of all ages! I am officially locked. I am so tired 20 hours sitting can zap a sistahs energy! Can I just say that I love my consultant! She was so caring and she really has prepared me for my sisterlock journey. I am so impressed with her professionalism, knowledge and patience. She answered all of my questions (and believe me this in no small accomplishment) She even styled my locks before I left her salon! The only reason I have not posted pictures as of yet is unlike the rest of the country, I still have a film camera. Yes, I still have a film camera! So, until I break down and purchase my digital, I will be running to the 1 hour photo to have my pictures developed and put on very Flintstones I realize.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

O-kay it is count down time. I get my sisterlocks tomorrow morning. What is a gal to do!!! I am really nervous and excited. I have purchased my LB soc, my Brunsli hair tie, soft spike rollers, and my aquis hair towel. Have I missing anything... I would like to think that I am prepared. I wore my hair pressed this weekend for the last time... (I will upload some pics soon) I went to a Vineyard in Northern Virginia this weekend, it was absolutely fabulous until, the back of my neck started to sweat. It was hot as mess this weekend. (coupled with the fact the I was wearing a fleece jacket and Ugg boots does not make from a pretty picture) As my hair in my kitchen decided to do it "own thang," I determined that I would call Monday October 23 Liberation Day! Wish me luck!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

This is my first post! I am so excited I could just....I am not sure what I could do. But I am happy! I am getting Sisterlocks on October 23-24th and I can not wait. I have been natural for more than six years and I am so tired of the press in curl. Do you feel me? One can not work out with a press-n-curl. One can not swim with a press-n-curl. I have used my press (as I call it) for too long to support "work-out avoidance." "Work-out avoidance is classic among pressed sistahs. Year after year you realize that something is going on with your waitline however you "reason" that there is absolutely nothing to be done about it. What can you do? You have a press! It is not your fault that your hair will "go-back" even thinking about the pool! Enough with this mental slavery (thanks Bob) I am so tired of the burned ears and the heavy pressin' cream! I am done. I have struggled with the "can I get away with locks in corporate america" bull. I came to the realization that this is me. Period. I have a head full of tight black nappies that I am proud of darn it and that is it. I had to change my paradigm. Seriously, I had to think about what message I was sending to myself with this "you have to press your hair nonsense." The operative words is clearly, "have to." I had to rethink what beauty is! We all have choice and mine has been made...we are just waiting for the date...Here are some pictures from the past...